KATHY TROUTT, (‘The Blue Lagoon’ Nude body double )

Kathy Troutt was hired to search Fijian waters for dolphin that might be trained to appear in a major feature film. At Dunk Island, Kathy was hired to do nude stand-in for the leading female actor. At the last moment this plan was changed and the actor performed her own nude underwater sequence – however, Kathy received enormous advance publicity.

Val with Christioher from The Blue Lagoon. TEN TV Sydney 13 July 2016
Valerie Taylor with Christopher from The Blue Lagoon. TEN TV studio  13 July 2016.  (Ron and Val Taylor did the underwater filming). Kathy was originally contracted to train dolphins for the film, this was expanded for her to be a body double for the teenage star.
stand-in model The Blue Lagoon

 Photographed by Valerie Taylor

Kathy did nude stand-in scenes and especially all the diving for main teen actor, Brooke Shields.

Some film crew members later estimated that Kathy is in much of the finished movie!



Author: KAT

Teenage underwater model who set a world scuba depth record for women using compressed air when aged 16. Appeared in advertisements, magazine covers, TV shows and made appearances in feature films and TV series. Also a stand-in for Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon (some say 40% of the movie features Kathy)! Today lives in Queensland, Australia with her brother Jeff, and 13 cats, three dogs, two horses, two goats, many aquarium fish and 200 exotic parrots - which she breeds.