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Catherine Adamston is a famous shipwreck near the entrance to Sydney Harbor at North Head.

Cinematographer Ben Cropp invited Kathy and Gai Girdlestone (pictured above) along for a dive while he salvaged a cannon.  Both girls attended the same Sydney school in the same class.

The stubby cannon was transported to Marineland aquarium at Manly and placed in their main tank.

Kathy later joined a filming expedition with Gai to dive amongst dangerous sea snakes on the southern Great Barrier Reef.

The resulting documentary was titled  “Mermaids in Paradise” an early and  successful TV adventure by Ben Cropp for the Seven network.

Clump of tea token ‘pennies’ (1967)

Wobbegong sharks can be difficult to see.

Wobbegong sharks can be difficult to see.


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