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Red-bellied black snake

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Kathy was on her property – wearing sandals and in moderately long grass.  The sharp pin-prick on her ankle was thought – at first – to be from a piece of wire.

Ten minutes later, she was feeling a bit woozy and sat down to drink tea from a thermos.  The Kathy noted the twin fang bites,not just a single prick.

Things were not getting any better soon after, Kathy just made it back to her house when she collapsed on the back steps.  Geoff Troutt (brother) called triple O the emergency number.

Without losing consciousness – rushed by ambulance to the nearest hospital.

Kathy was the fifth snake bitten person admitted to that hospital in the previous seven days.

A swam taken from the wound ID the culprit.  No anti-venom is given for this species of snake.

Extreme pain and bed for a week – unable to walk without help.

A full recovery has followed.


Beware of snakes in the garden.

Beware of snakes in the garden.


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