Ron and Valerie Taylor (Both AM)

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Valerie Taylor during the Belgian GBR expedition (1967)

The most expensive of filming expeditions for educational purposes. Led by Ron and Valerie Taylor in Australia for a Belgian University which had access to this naval ship about to be retired. (!967)

Ron and Valerie share time with a young penguin, Montague Island (1966)

Ron Taylor filming during 1966. Ron built and designed his own underwater housings.

Ron Taylor World Spear Fishing Champion. Sponsored by CMAS the world diving organization and held every two years. Ron won the title in French Polynesia (Tahiti).

Kathy first met The Taylor’s while making her record deep dive on compressed air, when aged not quite seventeen.  They have been firm friends since, often working together on feature film projects (Age of Consent; Skippy; The Blue Lagoon).

PS Ron and Valerie Taylor pictures are from the library of our mutual long-term underwater photographer friend John Harding.  See also  the coral sea

JH in 2001


French magazine and the world champion trophy – based on a famous sculpture Winged Victory of Samothrance.





(Above and Below) Valerie circa 1991. Sydney newspaper (1967) below – Sunfish captured for Marineland aquarium, Sydney.

Valerie Taylor with whale shark (1967) encountered off Seal Rocks NSW with John Harding.


Ron and Val at home.


Valerie Taylor. Freshwater cave diving 1967



Aquarium to study Crown of Thorns starfish was established in 1967 aboard De Moor (Belgian Navy vessel).

Later in 1967 Ron upgraded his movie camera to 35mm gauge for The Belgian Expedition.




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