Ron and Valerie Taylor – underwater 1960s and beyond

At Seal Rocks NSW a few weeks before Ron and Val were married in December 1963.
First published in Australia 2019


Movie show poster (1968) Sydney,  for promoter John Harding.Designed by Roy Bisso.

Ron Taylor filming during 1966. Ron built and designed his own underwater housings.


Ron Taylor World Spear Fishing Champion. Sponsored by CMAS the world diving organization and held every two years. Ron won the title in French Polynesia (Tahiti).

Kathy first met The Taylor’s while making her record deep dive on compressed air, when aged not quite seventeen.  They have been firm friends since, often working together on feature film projects (Age of Consent; Skippy; The Blue Lagoon).


A career boosting moment and the flagship episode of Taylor’s Inner Space TV series. The whale shark they encountered with John Harding at Seal Rocks in December 1967.


Ron and Val at home.
Green Sawfish (very rare in blue water) trapped in fisherman’s rope near Minnewater NSW (1967) Photo by John Harding.
Screen shot from Ron Taylor’s first visit to Seal Rocks NSw circa 1961.  Surely an art piece of note?
Ron Taylor displays home-made scuba equipment sometime in the 1950s.
Most of the stills and movie film by the Taylor’s featuring The Great Barrier Reef came from a tiny section offshore at Heron Island in the southenr section. (Untol the 1980s when charter boats such as Reef Explorer and Coralita for scuba divers began operation from Cairns in the northern section).

Short version edited by John Harding in 2019 from a copy of the original Skindiving Paradise which was  produced for the Queensland Government Tourist Bureau in 1965.

Filmed by Ron Taylor at Heron Island with 16mm Bolex camera and 10mm lens during perhaps three visit 1962, 63, 64,  each year coinciding with the former annual divers festival held in November.

Mini-version (2019)

Author: KAT

Teenage underwater model who set a world scuba depth record for women using compressed air when aged 16. Appeared in advertisements, magazine covers, TV shows and made appearances in feature films and TV series. Also a stand-in for Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon (some say 40% of the movie features Kathy)! Today lives in Queensland, Australia with her brother Jeff, and 13 cats, three dogs, two horses, two goats, many aquarium fish and 200 exotic parrots - which she breeds.

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