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Magazine on eBay for sale (August 2016)

Magazine on eBay (August 2016)

Mass circulation weekly magazine in Australia, edited by David Naylor.



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Dolphin at 64 fps

Dolphin at 64 fps (in slow motion)

Facebook 7 August 2013

Facebook 7 August 2013

These dolphin appear longer in shape.These dolphin appear longer in shape.

“Day of The Dolphin” (MOVIE)

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Peter Moss worked with The Day of the Dolphin and later a film director in Hollywood

Peter Moss worked with The Day of the Dolphin and later a film director in Hollywood, before that cameraman (DOP) on FLASHPOINT (below – full movie)

The original plan was for Roman Polanski to direct The Day of the Dolphin.  That would have changed the movie considerably.

Flashpoint (1984)

(full movie on You Tube for a limited time).

moss credit wrongmissing

George C. Scott was the leading Hollywood actor, at the time of this production in Florida.  Kathy was part of the crew. The film production Day of the Dolphin took another strange twist  for all.  Director Roman Polanski was to make the film  but canceled in the wake of the tragedy with his wife, actress Sharon Tate, murdered by the Charles Manson mob when she was eight months pregnant.

Polanski was shattered.

With a new director and new plans, the fate and future of the film project was now with Mike Nichols in charge and a family friendly project planned.

Kathy was hired to train the dolphin and care for them.

Sydney press ad


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Edited letter, very slightly.

Edited letter, very slightly.

Survive the Savage Sea (1992)

TV Movie  –  120 min  –  Drama  –  6 January 1992 (USA)
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Ratings: 6.0/10 from 145 users 
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Jack and Claire Carpenter realize his life-long dream by selling the family farm and uprooting their four kids to buy the yacht Providence. Sons Gary, Brian and Timmy give it an honest try … See full summary »


Kevin James Dobson


Dougal Robertson (book), Fred Haines (teleplay),

A friend of Kathy Troutt was hired to swim underwater with a plywood shark fin on the surface.  The ‘shark’ was menacing Skippy in a boat.  The place was Palm Beach, Sydney (1969).   Ace underwater cameraman Ron Taylor designed and built the shark fin.

The place for this feature film starring Willem Dafoe (left) was Thailand.

Collage of movie trailers  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_X9KrXGAsWs

KATHY TROUTT, (‘The Blue Lagoon’ body double )

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Val with Christioher from The Blue Lagoon. TEN TV Sydney 13 July 2016

Valerie Taylor with Christopher from The Blue Lagoon. TEN TV studio  13 July 2016.  (Ron and Val Taylor did the underwater filming). Kathy was originally contracted to train dolphins for the film, this was expanded for her to be a body double for the teenage star.


 Photographed by Valerie Taylor

Kathy did nude stand-in scenes and especially all the diving for main teen actor, Brooke Shields.

stand-in model The Blue Lagoon

stand-in model The Blue Lagoon

Some film crew members later estimated that Kathy is in much of the finished movie!


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The Blue Lagoon script had the boy star of the film riding a pair of dolphin as per this example. That plan was dropped when finding and then training dolphin in Fiji was not going to be practical.  Kathy Troutt was  ‘body double’ for the young actress who starred in the movie.  The Blue Lagoon link (below) is to You Tube (9 December 2013)

(above)  Age of Consent movie trailer


Kathy is shown in centre – top row.

Others include Kay Overell, Valerie Taylor and Eva Cropp



USA apples

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