VALERIE TAYLOR (New Skindiving Paradise)

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Val doing what she does best – with some Blacktip sharks. (Photo by Ron).

Valerie Taylor. Freshwater cave diving 1967

Ron Taylor has a coral reef in his memory. Located in The Swain Reefs section east of Mackay, Queensland, part of the southern Great Barrier Reef.



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Saturday night party at Balmain

Saturday night party at Balmain

Ben Cropp (AM) book reveals his life story.

Saturday night at Balmain

Saturday night at Balmain

Rick  Swansborough in the background who took many of the first professional pictures of Kathy pre her time with Skippy and commercial modeling.   Party was at Jane Street, Balmain – in that era the large house was a regular venue.   Three 18 gallon kegs of beer per party, girls admitted free – guys paid for the beer.

Late at night, various celebrity  musicians and dancers would arrive after work and jam until dawn.

Friend in Hand Hotel (in 1971) at 58 Cowper Street, Glebe (featured under a different name in an episode of RAKE in 2015).  Licensee and his son (not shown) were diving companions of Kathy.

Long term friend in 2007




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RED WATTLEBIRD SONG (Anthochaera carunculata) 720P

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Red Wattlebird at Kathy’s Coffs Harbour holiday hut. (above).


This post being developed using temporary pictures.  Kathy breeds exotic freshwater fish in several aquariums on her property in Queensland.  The fish is a photo example of a tropical species. Her exotic bird breeding has many varieties.


Lorikeet chewed through kitched fly screen to seek raw sugar from a bowl inside the house.

Lorikeets chewed through kitchen fly screen to seek raw sugar from a bowl inside the kitchen.  The other is a normally shy Wattlebird hear call on video above.

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