• Alain Petit says:

    I met Kathy in 1968 while attempting the “Who’s performance” in Sydney, she was the most gorgeous woman on earth. I will never forget her kindness, her modest nature, this is a mirage !

  • trish stewart says:

    Good to see you are still doing what you love and still looking gorgeous ,but snake bites are a little too romantic ,as a next door neighbour you were empathic and kind at a time it was needed most thank you .


    Met KAT in London. Went on and caught Day of the Dolphin and watched her train those Dolphins for movie made in the Bahamas.
    A really nice LADY.
    Charlie Riggs

  • Kathy Trout was one on the most attractive and photogenic girls I had met. Her talent was wide spread including her knowledge of the Marine world.

  • trish stewart says:

    That’s three of us that remember Kathy would love to know what she is doing now is she still working with animals?

  • Greg May says:

    I wonder how Kathy felt when Sea World put Marineland out of business?
    The owner not only ‘borrowed’ the name but the actual logo!

    • KAT Scan says:

      There were two Marineland’s. Kathy was associated and worked for the one located in Sydney (now called Ocean World). The other was purchased by Keith Williams, turned into a bird sanctuary then closed later on. Kathy was a visitor to the Queensland one when her friend Ben Cropp was a shareholder.

  • Ashley says:

    Hi there,
    we are hoping to get Kathy back in the tank with the amazing creatures here at Manly Sea Life- formerly Marineland before we sadly close our doors in January next year.

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